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Number of electrons involved in resonance

To be brief let me an example consider phenol and phenoxide ion here in case of phenol the resonance occurs because of lone pair of electrons is O atom here the number of atoms donated by lone pair ...
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How to find the infrared absorption spectrum of O2 and N2?

I am new to spectroscopy, so I am not sure how my questions are perceived. I just want to make sure that I am not lost, so any kind of suggestion is welcome. I am interested in the infrared absorption ...
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Is there a pressure that ignites H2 and O2 at room temprature? [closed]

I can't seem to find much information other than about temperature and that oxyhydrogen is used for welding (the wiki page doesn't seem to say, but I assume the gases are stored separately). Any ...
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Is Liquid Air Safe? [closed]

Does Liquid Air mitigate the asphyxiation risks associated with Liquid Nitrogen? As Oxygen and Nitrogen have marginally different boiling points, do you run the risk of all the nitrogen boiling off ...
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Is this a correct Lewis Dot structure for ozone? [duplicate]

I drew a Lewis dot structure of ozone but when I look online it is a bit different. Can I make the single covalent bonds like a triangle that connects all three atoms or is that not allowed? If so, ...
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Whatever happened to the use of perfluoroalkanes as breathable liquids or blood substitutes?

Some liquid perfluoroalkanes have very high solubilities and carrying capacities for gases like oxygen and carbon dioxide. In the 1980s and 1990s there were experiments showing that animals could &...
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Ozone formation

I have read about the formation of natural atmospheric ozone on Wikipedia, where it is claiming that the ozone creation step requires an extra molecule in order to conserve momentum and energy: $$\ce{...
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Would the partial pressure of O2 in the system affect the rate of the decomposition of H2O2?

In my Bio 1 lab we studied the way catalase catalyzes the decomposition of H2O2 and at the end it asked me what conditions would affect the rate of the reaction. It was the type of question that ...
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Is it possible to make a reversible "Solid State" Hydrogen fuel cell using Ammonia Borane and Iron Oxide? [closed]

Well, I saw this video about hydrogen reduction, in which pure hydrogen gas is exposed to iron oxide at high temperatures, producing water vapor and leaving pure iron behind. And as such, I wondered ...
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Why does the oxygen in NaOH (sodium hydroxide) acquire an electron from the sodium if it's going to become unstable and give away the electron? [closed]

Mind you that the oxygen is already stable, having an even number of electrons and protons? Is the oxygen really neutral when it has an even number of electrons and protons?
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Relationship of acids and bases with pH. (Proportional Relationship) [duplicate]

Can someone please clarify the relationship between acidic-basic strength and pH? I have come across conflicting information and am unsure about the correct understanding. Some people including my ...
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Is potassium Sulfate a good electrolyte for the production of oxy-hydrogen?

I am currently conducting an electrolysis experiment using a 30 amp power supply with a voltage ranging from 10 to 16 volts.I am thinking of using potassium sulfate (K2SO4) dissolved in water as an ...
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How does hydrogen and oxygen combine to make water? [closed]

When two hydrogen atoms fuse with one oxygen atom to create a molecule of water, each hydrogen atom donates its single electron to the oxygen atom, resulting in 10 electrons for the oxygen, instead of ...
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Orientation of spin polarization in O2

Oxygen gas in ground state is spin polarized. Is the direction of its spin (significantly) correlated to the orientation of the double bond? I googled "orientation of oxygen magnetic moment" ...
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Do PEM Fuel Cells suffer CO poisoning at the oxidizer side?

Reading about PEM Fuel Cells, first on Wikipedia then on some other sites, I notice they talk a lot about the problem of CO poisoning. But almost always it's explicitly referred to as a problem in ...
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1,1-Diphenylethylene subproduct/impurity

I'm working with 1,1-diphenylethylene and I've observed that, if left at room temperature in the air atmosphere, a white insoluble powder forms. I'm unable so dissolve this powder in every solvent ...
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How does the partial pressure of oxygen relate to its concentration in water?

I've read that the partial pressure of oxygen in water will be the same as the partial pressure of oxygen in the atmosphere, but that the saturation of oxygen in water is dependent on factors like ...
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Which Group 16 elements form stable dihalides?

My textbook says that "except oxygen, all elements of group 16 form dichlorides and dibromides", while other sources quote that only Oxygen and Sulphur form dihalides and dibromides. Whereas,...
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What are the "ozonated magnesium oxides" used in this product?

I recently was recommended a product for gut health/constipation that actually works quite well - the product names of the main distributors are OxyPowder and Homozon. Despite the product working ...
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For cannizarro reaction is it necessary that carbonyl compounds don't have alpha hydrogen?

Till date, I have encountered carbonyl compounds without alpha hydrogens that can undergo Cannizzaro reaction. But recently I came across the following molecule and I can't understand the reason ...
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Dissolved Oxygen Meter

I have an Extech Heavy Duty Dissolved Oxygen Meter (Model 407510). Tech support for this company is terrible, so I'm asking questions here. The manual says to expect a reading of 20.9 for calibrating ...
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