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Is double excitation of nitrogen possible, and would it be able to use it as a central atom in a coordination complex?

I’m 17 and in my 2nd year of high-school (we have it a tad different here in the Czech Republic) and am interested in theoretical chemistry so that’s the explanation of the nature of my question. So, ...
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What compounds break down into Nitrogen and an inert compound? [duplicate]

I’ve been looking to create a method of chemically producing an artificial atmospheric air blend for situations where the air quality is poor or dangerous, and the obvious answer for producing oxygen ...
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How to find the infrared absorption spectrum of O2 and N2?

I am new to spectroscopy, so I am not sure how my questions are perceived. I just want to make sure that I am not lost, so any kind of suggestion is welcome. I am interested in the infrared absorption ...
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Could polydiazene exist?

I am a bit new to the world of chemistry, and after messing around on ChemSpider, I had a thought. Could a polymer like this exist: Due to VSEPR, it would be shaped pretty weirdly and N-N single ...
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Could ammonium azanide exist?

In my first high school chemistry class, I misremembered nitrate as being $\ce{NH2-}$, rather than $\ce{NO3-}$, and wrote down a formula for "ammonium nitrate" that was $\ce{NH4NH2}$ (rather ...
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Is Liquid Air Safe? [closed]

Does Liquid Air mitigate the asphyxiation risks associated with Liquid Nitrogen? As Oxygen and Nitrogen have marginally different boiling points, do you run the risk of all the nitrogen boiling off ...
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Selective chemical absorbent for N2 gas removal

Are there any chemical absorbants for selective N2 removal from a gaseous mixture ? I am thinking of something similar to say Pyrogalkol for O2 removal or KOH for CO2 etc. Of course, N2 being ...
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Calculating the solubility of nitrogen in a liquid in high pressures and low temperatures

I'm trying to get nitrogen dissolved into my homebrewed beer. I have a nitrogen tank that I'm going to hook to a keg that's rated for 130 PSI (with a PRV rated at 100 PSI). Is there any way to ...
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Waste and Biproducts generated during eNRR

I am currently reviewing electrocatalytic methods of fixing nitrogen through eNRR and thereby looking up methods coming up in recent literature. However, I need to know what sort of waste products are ...
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Chemdraw names this as 2-carboxyethan-1-aminium. Shouldn't it be ammonium? What's an aminium ion?
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Is my CO2 in liquid form in a mixed gas cylinder?

I recently acquired a 5-liter mixed gas cylinder that has 70% nitrogen and 30% carbon dioxide, used for dispensing beer. The cylinder pressure is 200 bar (2900 PSI) and my room temperature is around ...
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Validity of ideal gas law for pure species or mixture

I'm currently dealing with an application involving gases. I have pure nitrogen as a pressurizer and eventually water vapour (only if condition for evaporation or boiling are met). I wanted to ask to ...
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Is chemistry finally seeing the end of the Haber-Bosch nitrogen fixation process?

Do recent developments in alternatives to the Haber process for nitrogen fixation have good prospect of replacing it? Some recent headlines have suggested that the century-old Haber process for ...
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Stability of hexazine

I read about a hypothetical compound called hexazine on Wikenigma. It's a 6-membered ring all of whose atoms are nitrogen and they form alternate single and double bonds just similar to benzene. But ...
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