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Lab, determining the molarmass of an unknown gas: Why do i need to equalize the water levels? [closed]

Here is a description of my experiement: In step 7, it says that i need to "adjust the height of the graduated ...
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If a pocket of nitrogen gas is pumped in at the bottom intake of a padded tank will the pocket of gas bubble up?

I have a nitrogen gas padded tank (tank 1) which is filled from the bottom of the tank. Tank has a set point of 30 psi which adjusted as tank level changes. Also at the inlet is an additional pipe ...
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Efficient absorption techniques for oxygen gas

This question is somewhat vague, but I am interested in biogas treatment and a major component in biogas treatment is oxygen filtration. I know there are various methods for oxygen filtration such as ...
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What is 'spray foam' or 'expanding foam'?

At the wikipedia are: Spray foam (expanding foam in the UK) is a chemical product created by two materials, isocyanate and polyol resin, which react when mixed with each other and expand up to 30-60 ...
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Volume of gas mixture [closed]

I have inlet to a reactor formed by equimolar CH4 and NH3, I want to find the volume of this gas mixture. First I wanted to calculate the sum of individual volumetric flow rates from V = m*rho. ...
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Aqueous state on CO2 and O2 in the Photosynthesis Chemical Equation

While reading through a book I came across the equation for photosynthesis: $$ \ce{6CO2(aq) + 12H2O(l) -> C6H12O6(aq) + 6O2(aq) + 6H2O(l)}\tag{1} $$ in the presence of sunlight + chlorophyll. For ...
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Rotten Egg Gas Smell

Background context for question When I was young, we'd go fishing. And Dad would put a camper on the back of the truck. One time we came back in after fishing and the camper smelled like rotten eggs. ...
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Is my CO2 in liquid form in a mixed gas cylinder?

I recently acquired a 5-liter mixed gas cylinder that has 70% nitrogen and 30% carbon dioxide, used for dispensing beer. The cylinder pressure is 200 bar (2900 PSI) and my room temperature is around ...
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When a gas is expanded, why doesn't the number of moles of a gas increase despite it's volume increasing? [closed]

This question might be elementary, but it is genuine. I realise that some users might downvote the question for being so basic, but I urge them to be a little merciful, and help out a confused high ...
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Can a heated gas leave a container through downwards direction?

If I have a flask full of heated gas, with an opening at the BOTTOM of the flask and connected pipe facing downwards, can the heated gas can leave the flask through that opening? And for an alternate ...
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Dissolution of CO2 over time in a high pH solution

I asked this question in the biology stack-exchange but thought it might be more appropriate here. I am running a batch experiment using penicillin bottles where I have bacteria growing for 21 days in ...
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Reaction of Heliox and seawater on commercial diving vessel

I work on a commercial diving vessel in the Persian Gulf. We have equipment that regularly goes sub sea. On occasion this equipment springs a gas leak, the gas leaking is a mixture of oxygen and ...
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Colour composition of Bromine during diffusion?

Consider the diffusion of Bromine Gas within a tube filled with air. After a prolonged period of time, is the colour composition uniform? From my understanding, Bromine is a denser gas. Hence, on ...
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What determines how easily a gas can diffuse into a crystal structure?

I have been told by a metallurgist that the reason a factory oxidizes the iron oxides in ilmenite before reducing them down to pure iron, is that the the products of this have a more spacious crystal ...
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According to PV=nRT,if we increase temp,no of moles will decrease,but no of moles is dependent on mass,mass is constant,then how can moles change?

We know the ideal gas equation is PV=nRT,then, according to this,if we keep Pressure,volume to be constant,then on increasing temperature,no of moles will reduce,this would mean that mass of matter or ...
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At what temperature is ammonia liquid at 1.5 bars? [closed]

I would like to know at what temperature ammonia condenses from gaseous form into a liquid, at a pressure of 1.5 bars. I know that at normal 1 bar pressure, ammonia is a liquid between -78 and -33 ...
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Using Hydrogen as a carrier gas for a GC; consideration of reactivity with analytes

In many cases people use H2 as a carrier gas for a GC. But does this exclude analysis of (say) systems with unsaturation or aromatic compounds etc. If a analysis uses a temperature program say up to ...
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