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Looking for advice regarding a larger scale soxhlet extraction

I have successfully completed a few soxhlet extractions at a much smaller scale using a soxhlet extractor with ~200ml capacity. With that, I was able to extract from ~100g of pre-powdered, sonicated ...
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What is the reaction between piperine and concentrated sulfuric acid?

Piperine was chemically characterized by reaction with acids. This was done by dropping concentrated $\ce{HNO3},$ $\ce{HCl},$ and $\ce{H2SO4}$ to a sample of piperine. Both $\ce{HNO3}$ and $\ce{HCl}$ ...
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Detecting alkaloids - Dragendorff's reagent

I am writing a book and as part of the plot one of the characters has a plant that contains alkaloids in tincture form. They want to do a test to detect for the alkaloids so they use the Dragendorff's ...
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What is LSD-1, …, LSD-24, LSD-26, …?

LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) was formerly often referred to as ‘LSD-25’. If it really is a (Albert Hofmann / Sandoz)'s code name (and not a combination of ‘LSD’ and usual LSD (Delysid) dosage ...
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Which analytical reagent can be used to detect Vinca alkaloids?

I am commencing a project on increasing the sensitivity of screening of some bioactive compounds produced as secondary metabolites from the plants! All of its chemical struture is known which is a ...
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General Alkaloid Extraction Process

I'm getting into alkaloid extraction from various ethnobotanicals. It is a bit frustrating trying to extract alkaloids from ethnobotanicals without good guides out there, and I wanted to make my own ...
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Skipping the defatting stage in extraction of alkaloids

I am attempting to extract certain alkaloids from green plant matter, which is very high in waxes and fats. I understand that in this scenario it is common to first acidify and then use a non-polar ...
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If caffeine is an alkaloid, why is coffee acidic?

I have just put together on my mind these two facts: caffeine is an alkaloid and brewed coffee is slightly acidic (pH = 5). My Biology teacher and my Chemistry teacher could not elaborate satisfying ...