I need to prepare a liquid-liquid extraction using the partition coefficient (K) of benzoic acid in different solvents and water:

K ~ solubility of benzoic acid in solvent/solubility of benzoic acid in water

Several solvents are offered to me (e.g. ethyl acetate, chloroform,...), and I am trying to find the solubility of benzoic acid in each of those solvents. The problem is that I can't find all of them (e.g. benzoic acid in ethyl acetate). I can't seem to find a database of such solubilities. I would greatly appreciate if someone could please re-direct me to such database. Conversely, can solubility be predicted efficiently?

Thank you very much for your time!!


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Funny you're looking at solubility of benzoic acid. A few years ago, there was an Open Notebook Science challenge to measure solubility:

The first round of this challenge calls upon people with access to materials and equipment to measure the solubility of compounds (aldehydes, amines and carboxylic acids are a priority) in organic solvents and report their findings using Open Notebook Science

So the raw data is available through Google Sheets here

There is a general web service for predicting solubility.

For example, you can predict the solubility of benzoic acid using Abraham solvation parameters

There used to be a search mechanism, but I'll have to ask the authors - it's been a few years.


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