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Khushvind Maurya

You came here to find more about this “breathtaking” creature. I am a bit different, being me ain't easy. And as you already came here I wanna tell you more about myself. I am a….

Class 10, Student, still figuring out what to study

Autodidact, who hates going to school

Writer, who only writes on Quora and Stack Exchange

Reader, who likes to read Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes during his exam times (a very strange habit of mine)

LOL, ( Listener, Observer and Learner) on Stack Exchange

Collector, who likes to collect books, by the way I also like to collect old coins

Marvel Fan, who has watched all marvel movies

Programmer, just started learning

Day Dreamer, when alone

Aspiring Quantum/Astro Physicist | Bibliophile | Rationalist | Atheist | Skeptic | LeftHanded

Currently, preparing for KVPY SA and Boards

My Dream? It's not to live forever but to create something that will…….

How I see myself? In a universe of molecules, an Atom among molecules

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