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Does cooling a potato change the nature of its carbohydrates?
8 votes

Does cooling a potato change the nature of its carbohydrates? Yes, retrogradation is a reaction that takes place when the amylose and amylopectin chains in cooked, gelatinized starch realign ...

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How to calculate dew point of air-water system
2 votes

How to calculate dew point of air-water system? I want to calculate the maximum water holding capacity of air ... However for most of them the temperature range is not more than 100 C. Are there any ...

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How long do I have to burn a carbon steel pan laced with flaxseed oil?
1 votes

Use organic 100% flaxseed oil, unless you prefer grape seed oil. Apply the flaxseed oil to a pan preheated to 200°F. Remove all the flaxseed oil with a paper towel (some will remain). Place the dry ...

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Is it possible to electroplate from a gallium anode?
1 votes

Yes, it is possible to electrodeposit gallium. The difficulties are: efficiency due to the need for low electrodeposition potentials, formation of extremely fine hydrogen bubbles which spoils the ...

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Method for removing CuO in an inert environment
0 votes

Polishing with Cerium oxide, electrolytic cleaning, or diluted acid solution (nitric, hydrochloric, orthophosphoric, or hot acetic acid) are recommended in the Q&A on "How to ...

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Suitable coating material for protection of sensors
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Various DIY capacitive moisture meters use a PCB for the sensor: While not directly related to your question I thought I'd mention that you can buy these sensors for several dollars: Purchasing a ...

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