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Born into an non religious family I became Christian in my early twenties at University. Doctrinally I believe in the need for the new birth; the Trinity; Christ - the only sinless life, the only Saviour, his substitutionary life and death for sinners; a conscious eternal hell for the unrepentant; a literal six day creation and a youngish universe - less than 100,000 years, prob less than 50,000 years; the calvinist doctrines of grace; non-conformity, believers baptism, and the freedom of religion; the salvation of all those dying in infancy; the full, divine inspiration of scripture, as a consequence of which I disagree with commonly held modern rules of scriptural interpretation which are so prevalent even amongst evangelicals, a subject addressed in "Not like any other book" by Dr Peter Masters.

I consider my most important contributions on stack exchange (Christianity) to be the answer to "Is there any Biblical Basis for 400 years of silence between Old and New Testament?" where an original interpretation of the "sixty two weeks" in Daniel 9:25 is offered; and, on Bible Hermeneutics, the answer to "What is the clay in the vision of the statue in Daniel 2?" - the scattering of the clay represents God's bringing to an end the Old Testament Covenant with the Jews, God's final rejection of the Jewish church, and the Jewish nation state, because of their rejection of Christ.

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