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Why are isotopes of hydrogen the only ones with special names?
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I think there are two reasons. First, it is more convenient to categorize them under the actual element-name to which they belong. If I say "15-Beryllium" everyone knows immediately, what I'm talking ...

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Why does solid phase peptide synthesis (SPPS) always proceed from the C to the N terminus?
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The reasons are The use of an acylating agent in excess (e. g. acetic anhydride or N-acetyl imidazole) drives the reaction forward. UNCAs (urethane-type protected N-carboxy anhydrides (e. g. Fmoc, ...

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Calculate concentration gradients in FPLC
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In addition to Dejian15's answer, which is probably the simplest, I also figured out a solution for a general curve (also non-linear ones). $$ \frac{\int^{117}_{102}(\frac{-7}{1200}x+0.89)*0.2+(1-(\...

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