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"Biology is just a higher state of chemistry."-this maxima is the one I cling onto.

I'm not a chemist. Actually, I have more to do with philosophy, than with chemistry but am interested in many things. My background now is a "strange" mixture of philosophy, biology, chemistry and physics with a focus on theoretical biology, philosophy of biology and origins of Life but I started my investigations as a molecular biologist who quickly moved into many fields-from philosophy of science through foundations of mathematics all the way up to organic synthesis with only one goal in mind-to discover that tiny difference turning an inanimate matter into a living being. I think I'm on my way to actually provide an answer to this eternal question and consider my activities on this site as path towards it. This is why I'm here.

I hope you can enjoy my contributions-they might not be the answers you would expect, but nevertheless may be just the ones you need! If you consider the content I provide challenging or just useful you can contact me at e-mail: highflyerbg@abv.bg and ask me more about my research interests there. I hope we can all engage in a productive discussion about the most fundamental questions of biology/chemistry border and beyond. I will really appreciate a word with experts in chemistry as it's still a science I have many things to learn about.

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