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Comparing the stabilities of allylic, benzylic, and tertiary radicals
11 votes

Imagine your favorite activities are playing Video games (Most Favourite), and other ones are reading chemistry, spending time in a chemical lab. (these two are activities are those activities in ...

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How do I visualize an atom?
6 votes

Already there are sufficient answers to your question .but I want to share my opinion too ;) . Pre-note : Orbital does not means electron , what you can visualize is just where it will likely to be ...

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Can a table salt + vinegar mixture be explosive?
1 votes

Of Course NaCl is the Salt of strong acid and strong base . It is very stable . Even if you take any amount of NaCl with Vinegar it will not do any explosion . It may be the baking soda (NaHCO3 ) and ...

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Combustion of saturated hydrocarbons vs combustion of unsaturated hydrocarbons
Accepted answer
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You are viewing it from the wrong perspective. In the case of normal burning, Generally, the oxygen is the limiting reagent (therefore some of the hydrocarbons left behind ). Let's take 1 mole of ...

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