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I had PM experience in international development, advising for digital transformation policy. Left international aid sector to co-found my company, providing knowledge discovery services for brainstorming and insights. I led product and vision for 5 years. My interest in design thinking and prototyping moved me to get the hands dirty in coding. I removed the dust from partially completed degree in Computational Engineering, data structures and such, and thanks to stack-overflow I was hand down on python, software architecture, and MOOC courses in deep learning and data-science. , , are my web platforms prototypes to search for connections in between of multiple entities.

I played with tech stacks: noSQL dbs, neo4j, redis, elasticsearch, python flask, pandas, celery, prophet, a bit of tensorflow and numpy vectorisation for neural nets.

As working activities, I do like to engage audiences in sci-tech, to encourage and motivate team, and as well to invest time in learning about the fundamentals for prototyping and exploring. I have the ideas over on imagining and prototyping, and appreciate working opportunities that rewards with benefits of continuous learning and brainstorming over areas that triggers the ideas!

I m much inquisitive on network science and self-organisation models.

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