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Street address 1 Yarnelle Point Warsaw, IN 46580

Phone number (260) 443-4900

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Business email [email protected]

Category Real Estate Coaching

Working hours Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Being a real estate agent is a tough job. It can be rewarding and fun, but it is at the same time challenging and full of frustrations. The many hurdles come from the intense competition in our industry and the eccentricities of our clients, but also from outside influences beyond our control. Our founders understand this well which led them to create Designated Local Expert as a response. We believe your committed use of a DLE surrogate designation, coupled with our portfolio of tools, tactics, and support will give you the ability to conquer the challenges that confront you and increasingly prevail in your market. That’s why we proudly proclaim DLE is The Most Powerful Personal Branding in the Real Estate Industry™.


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