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Do ambident nucleophiles form functional isomers?
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Yes, ambident nucleophiles show functional isomerism. Two examples are: Cyanide ($\ce{CN}$) and isocyanide ($\ce{NC}$) Nitrite ($\ce{ONO}$) and Nitro ($\ce{NO2}$)

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Is it possible to increase the internal energy of an ideal gas in an isothermal process?
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The answer lies in the fact that when you add more molecules of the gas during the process, the mass, i.e., the number of moles of the gas undergoing the process, changes. We know, for an ideal gas, ...

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Isomers of a Cycloalkane
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The formula $\ce{C_{n}H_{2n+2}}$ is useful only for saturated, aliphatic alkanes. Not for cycloalkanes. Cycloalkanes belong to the homologous series with general formula $\ce{C_{n}H_{2n}}$. For ...

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