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Asking why When you ask why, you want to know about causality. If I ask "why does the cold pack show a decrease in temperature" and the answer is "because the reaction is endothermic", this might be considered a tautology. After all, endothermic means that energy is needed, and this energy can come from the surrounding, lowering the temperature. Why does ...


Let’s do a thought experiment to see what is going on. Combine 500 mL of pure H2O and 500 grams of ice, each at 0 C, in a perfectly insulated container. Then add 300 grams of NaCl (also at 0 C). At first, not all the NaCl will dissolve, because NaCl is only soluble 26% in water at 0 C. (The temperature of the water will decrease slightly because of the ...


The short answer to this is that there is no single answer to this problem as the vapor composition that is produced by any given atomizer is dependant upon a large number of components. To name a few: The initial composition of the liquid, which will vary flavor to flavor and manufacturer to manufacturer. You can find out a bit more about this with the ...


No. Unfortunately we seem to all be forgetting a fundamental property of ice - I kicked myself when I realized it. Think of a large chunk of ice taken out of your home freezer, sitting in a bucket, floating in its own melt-water. All the liquid water surrounding that ice is at $\pu{0 ^\circ C}$. The extreme surface of that ice, that is exposed to the ...


Ions are always dissolved in their solution. Anything that has charge is an ion. If phosphate ions are present in a solution it is because they came from a soluble parent molecule such as phosphoric acid.


It’s possible to purchase an instantaneous lead water test kit in Home Depot, Lowes, Ace, or another home improvement, retailer. Test kits may also be bought from internet retailers, such as Amazon or eBay. To know more how to test lead in the water you can also read this article for better understanding.

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