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Why don't we produce water from combustion?

Why would we? Pure water is widely available and, where it isn't, there are cheaper and easier ways to get it. Sure, you can make water from combustion of hydrocarbons. Better still by burning ...
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What happens to the air pressure above water as its heated to and past boiling?

The curve looks like the yellow line. This experience is rather famous. It shows the critical point of water. Let's see how it goes. If the temperature increases, the inner pressure increases a lot ...
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Which process would separate the mixture of toluene, cyclohexane and water?

The first step will be to separate the water from the cyclohexane; a separatory funnel could be used, or the organic layer could be suctioned off with a pipette. Toluene freezes at -95ºC; cyclohexane ...
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