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Liquid evaporation occurs at any temperature, just its rate changes with temperature. You must have seen washed clothes getting dry in open air, water evaporating at room temperature. OTOH, I guess you have not observed boiling sea, lakes or rivers to obtain clouds - putting aside geothermal activities. There are few things for you to understand: Molecules ...


You can visualize isosurfaces of the molecular orbitals in gview. This allows you to identify the orbitals visually. That is a way to determine that the HOMO is a lone p-orbital of the oxygen atom. I think that you have to load the *.chk file with gview and not the *.log file, if you want to plot isosurfaces since the required information is saved there. ...


The short answer is yes since1: Amorphous silica is, in general, a good electric insulator but exhibits a finite dc electrical conductivity, especially when impurity alkali ions are contained You will also find more info and specific references on that paper(ref. 1). For sure tests will be needed depending on the service conditions (it ...


The water glass will have no affect on the stainless (304 ?). But insulation will depend on thickness of glass and the voltage, so specifics would need to be researched. I understand water glass redissolves if exposed to water.

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