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Not a full answer, but possibly the start of one. I came across a paper[1] discussing some mathematical properties of fullerene graphs. In section 4.2, they give a formula for a lower bound on the diameter based on the number of vertices $n$, assuming there are only pentagonal and hexagonal face. $$\text{diam}(F)\ge\frac{\sqrt{24n-15}}{6}-\frac{1}{2}$$ Given ...


Having had no responses to this post, I thought I would offer a scheme in an effort to answer the question about the existence of the oxy Claisen rearrangement. α-Diketone 1[1] was chosen as a starting material owing to the equivalency of the two carbonyls. Selective monoketalization of α-diketone 1 with β-bromoethanol affords cyclohexanone 2. Over ...


It will depend on what is attached to the N. In the O'Donnell alkylation procedure where the N is protected as a benzophene imine, the pKa of the glycine proton is estimated at 18.7 and the alanine proton 22.8 source here

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