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The paper of interest is C.M. Wolfe et al., "Growth and Dislocation Structure of Single-Crystal Ga(As$_{1-x}$P$_{x}$)", Journal of Applied Physics 36(12) 3790 (1965). The key paragraph is: The GaAsP of this investigation has been prepared by a closed-tube method utilizing a quartz ampoule which is cleaned and baked-out under vacuum near the ...


If you are confused about the electrical double layer, it is completely fine because electrochemists spent several decades to understand it and yet the concept remains "grey" in the minds of most electrochemists. You will find different stories and versions on the web and of course different terminologies. Your understanding is correct but I will call the ...


Your second and third explanation are good and not basically different from one another. On the other end the first sentence is not as good, as there is no gain or loss of electrons in or through the double layer.

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