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Is this formula for number of optical isomers correct?

Try to use these formulas for finding number of stereoisomers for a given compound: Geometrical Isomers: If n is odd: $2^{n-1}+2^{\frac {n+1}{2}-1}$ If n is even: $2^{n-1}+2^{\frac {n}{2}-1}$ ...
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Stereochemical relationship of molecules including double bond configuration and absolute configuration

Diastereomers, by definition, are stereoisomers that are not enantiomers, so you're right they can't be both. I think you might be confused because you are trying to apply a simplified heuristic (...
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If the substituents are distinguishable, is it possible to prioritize them using the CIP rules?

Blue Various: Per your request, I offer the following examples. Consider the D-pentoses ribose 1, xylose 4 and arabinose 5. Each one has stereodescriptors in uppercase letters (R/S) at $\ce{C2, C3 and ...
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Does a chiral allene have stereogenic centres?

Chirality is a hypernym for the observation that an object can not be superimposed to its mirror image. Most frequently, examples of chirality in organic chemistry are caused by the spatial ...
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Does a chiral allene have stereogenic centres?

The definition of "stereogenic centre" is unhelpful and can be confusing The large majority of chiral molecules are chiral because a carbon in them has 4 different things attached to it (...
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