It would have been nicer if you included the isomers what you have been counting. However, based on the isomer counts, I assumed you are in correct track but originally thought you might have counted meso-isomer twice (as two stereoisomers) for the total count. Thus I drew all possible isomers and listed accordingly: Consequently, I also counted 32 isomers ...


Meso compounds have chiral centre , but they also have a plane of symmetry making them optically inactive....or u can say meso compounds are optically inactive due to internal compensation. Whereas enantiomers taken together ie. formation of racemic mixture (50:50) is optically inactive as a whole due to external compensation.(They can be optically active ...


It looks to me like the left one is just wrong. It looks like who made the image took D-glucose and just flipped the 5-OH. The result? The molecule at left is not glucose, but L-Idose!

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