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Para effects on substituents in aromatic compounds

I have "Solomons, Fryhle, Snyder Organic Chemistry" open in front of me, and it seems there are a few difference between the book's order and the order given by you. Acidic strength order ...
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What makes a compound high or low energy and why does that relate to reactivity?

Stronger bonds make more stable compounds both kinetically and thermodynamically. Kinetically because bonds must be broken for reactions to happen. Thermodynamically because bonds must be formed. A ...
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How specific is the exception of negative charge location (orbital vs atom) for determining stability of conjugate base?

The enhanced electronegativity that comes from having carbon with $\mathrm{sp}$-hybridized orbitals is enough to allow terminal acetylenes to protonate nitrogen-anion bases like $\ce{NH2^-}$, but (in ...
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