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Well, acetone is at the same time polar (so it likes water) and lipophilic (so it likes fat). As such, it is a very good solvent.


Poutnik has given an excellent answer in general for your question. Since you asked about Varsol™ in particular (not white spirit in general), I'd like to give an additional insights for your benefit. Yet you didn't mention the paticular Varsol™ brand so I'll give physical data for all 3 Varsol™ brands avilable. Varsol™ is an ExxonMobil Chemical brand for a ...


Note that I have never heard about Varsol until now, living in the Central Europe. By searching Wikipedia ( what you could do as well before asking ), I realized the below: Varsol alias White spirit alias many other synonyms, used as a painting solvent, is based on C7-C12 oil hydrocarbons, with density 0.765(type T1), 0.780(type T2), 0.795(type T3) ( ...


Probably not so much calcium hydroxide, but alkali metal hydroxides mixing with each other in the liquid phase. The pairs $\ce{LiOH-NaOH}$ and $\ce{KOH-NaOH}$ are not only fully miscible, they have been studied as fuel cell electrolytes. The picture below, from the referenced article, shows results for the a range of electrolyte compositions that imply the ...

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