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Iodine solution concentration

$\ce{I2}$ has a molar mass of $254$ g/mol. $\ce{KI}$ has a molar mass of $39 + 127 = 166$ g/mol. Then $1.3$ g $\ce{I2}$ is $\frac{1.3}{254} = 5.12$ millimole $\ce{I2}$. Also $2$ g $\ce{KI}$ is $\frac{...
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What solvents can I use to dissolve Epichlorohydrin rubber and Chloroprene Rubber

For chloroprene (neoprene), you might try chlorinated solvents, e.g., methyl chloride (chloromethane). Epichlorohydrin has "Inferior resistance to oxygenated solvents," according to River ...
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Entropy as the driving force for osmosis

Consider two decks of 52 playing cards. One deck has blue backs and one has yellow backs. A group plays poker with the yellow deck. If blue cards slowly get mixed into the yellow deck, the ...
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