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Watercolor pigment conundrum - can a change in ionic profile induce flocculation?

What you state seems reasonable: salting-out can be used to precipitate some substances. If it were tempera paint, you could point out that proteins in egg albumin might precipitate, but I don't know ...
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Why is solubility affected by temperature?

Firstly that is strictly not true. Most solutes that are gaseous at the temperature will be less solvated the higher the temperature of the solvent liquid, for instance. There are other relevant ...
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What is the derivation for the expression of depression in freezing point?

The most rigorous treatment comes from Edward Guggenheim's book "Thermodynamics: An Advanced Treatment for Chemists and Physicists" (ISBN 978-0444869517). Let's assume an equilibrium between ...
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Does decreasing pH decrease solubility of adipic acid?

Yes it will. Protonated adipic acid is less soluble in water than sodium adipate. Colder temperatures also make it less soluble. It can be extracted into a non-polar solvent that is more easily ...

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