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Making a super-eutectic

After looking through a lot of phase diagrams from there are three options for alloys. One is to use galinstan as the base alloy and add bismuth, ...
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Are there any sodium salts that are insoluble in water?

$\ce{Na3[FeF6]}$ and $\ce{Na2H2Sb2O7}$ are white precipitates when $\ce{Na+}$ is dissolved with $\ce{[FeF6]^{3-}}$ and $\ce{K2H2Sb2O7}$ respectively. Hence, these reagents are used in the qualitative ...
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Solubility of lead carbonate

When lead salt reacts with sodium carbonate, a white precipitate of a mixture of lead carbonate and lead hydroxide forms: $$\ce{2Pb^2+ + 2CO3^2- + H2O -> Pb(OH)2 \downarrow + PbCO3 \downarrow + CO2 ...
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