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Can we compare absorbance of two peptides when the read concentration from Qubit Protein Assay are different?

If these two peptides are the same as those in this question, you would expect a higher reading and higher estimate of mass for solutions of A compared to solutions of B of the same concentration. ...
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How to calculate concentration of a protein based on known concentration and mw of other protein

If knowing the concentration of peptide B is important and you have pure peptide B available, you should measure standards of known concentrations of peptide B in the assay. The assay works through a ...
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How can magnesium hydroxide be a strong base and be sparingly soluble at the same time?

Let's look at it in reverse. Were magnesium hydroxide a weak base, solutions of magnesium ion in water would hydrolyze in water removing hydroxide ions and making solutions of magnesium salts such as ...
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Why is this equation true for a salt in acid?

It is an example for parallel reaction. The reactions taking place are $\ce{SrF2 <=> Sr^2+ +2F−}$ and $\ce{H+ +F− <=> HF}$. The $\ce{F−}$ ions formed from the first reaction reacts ...
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Why is silver acetate insoluble in water?

Probably for the same reason that AgCl is insoluble compared to NaCl and KCl. Trying to research this on the web gives all sorts of explanations about differences in lattice and solvation energies ...
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