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Are there materials harder than diamond at high pressure?

Diamonds are graded as a 10 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, which ranges from 1 to 10. However, some materials are tougher than diamonds. One such material is wurtzite boron nitride (w-BN). ...
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How to Derive the Born-Mayer Equation?

There's no need to Taylor expand; the exponential cancels exactly. Starting with the following (lattice-constant dependent) expression for the total ionic energy: \begin{equation} E_P(r) = -\frac{...
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Is the difference between cubic and hexagonal diamond structure in 2 dimensions or 3 dimensions?

The layers In FCC or HCP packing, the layers could be considered 2-dimensional because the atom centers fall into a single plane. If you take the diamond structure or the Lonsdaleite structure and ...
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