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Homogeneous surface is the surface where we can (in the context of the scenario, like the purpose and required/available resolution and sensitivity) neglect any surface variability. Otherwise, the surface is heterogeneous. It is important to say it is relative evaluation. For a set of surfaces, it can reach both extremes like "everything is homogeneous&...


The protein lysozyme (160 amino acids) has been synthesized using a flow reactor according to . The same article suggest 50 amino acids as a cut-off where the traditional solid state synthesis would be infeasible.


With HCP, things get hairy pretty quickly. This is the first coordination sphere, with 12 atoms at the distance $a$ from the origin: These are the second nearest neighbors, i.e. the 6 atoms at $\sqrt{2}a$ from the origin, each touching 4 atoms of the first sphere: These are the third nearest neighbors, which are the 2 atoms at $\sqrt{8\over3}a$ from the ...

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