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Definitely in agreement with Chet, but does this not also have something to do with increased nucleation sites at bounds of the container? If a container of water was super cooled and a foreign object was introduced at the center of the container, we would observe freezing from the center outward.


The cooling takes place at the surface provided that it is at a lower temperature than the interior, experimentally this is confirmed. The mechanism is by collisions between molecules transferring energy to one another, those with more energy transfer to those with less, this takes place in time and space and is macroscopically measured by the thermal ...


This has everything to do with heat conduction, Setting aside freezing or melting for the time being, the two things that are happening in combination are (1) heat conduction and (2) the capacity of a parcel of solid to store thermal energy by its temperature changing. Heat conduction is driven by a spatial gradient in temperature, with heat flowing from a ...

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