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$\mathrm\LaTeX$ to the rescue I reproduced these reaction schemes with $\mathrm\LaTeX$ using the following particular packages: chemfig for drawing 2D chemical structures (note that I enabled sans-serif font for the labels like the original did); chemmacros for the typesetting of chemical formulas and chemistry-related notations; siunitx for handling ...


If $1$ liter $\ce{HCl} \pu{1 M}$ is gradually neutralized by adding $\pu{x mol } \ce{NaOH}$, without change of volume, the pH of the obtained solution is given by : $$\mathrm{pH} = - \log(\frac{1-x}{2} + \frac{1}{2} \sqrt{(1-x)^2 + 4·10^{-14}})$$

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