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Does chromium chromate — Cr₂(CrO₄)₃ — exist?

Yes for chromate: chromium oxide (5/12) $\ce{Cr5O12}$ has been synthesized via thermal decomposition of chromium trioxide in welded platinum or gold capsules at 240–260 °C and pressure 2–3 kbar during ...
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Does chromium chromate — Cr₂(CrO₄)₃ — exist?

I found a paper which mentions the synthesis of the compound. The abstract is as follows: Chromium chromate has been prepared from chromic chloride solution and silver chromate by double ...
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How to separate the salts within homemade sea salt

I would suggest that you look up the solubility products of salts such as CaSO4 and all the other things which you can form from the cations and anions which are present in seawater. I would heat the ...
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