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Chlorotrimethylsilane, like other organosilicon compounds, is easily attacked by nucleophiles and readily hydrolyzes in air yielding hydrogen chloride: $$\ce{2 Me3SiCl(l) + H2O(l) -> Me3Si-O-SiMe3(l) + 2 HCl(g)}$$ Hydrogen chloride reacting with traces of ammonia $\ce{NH3}$ in the air builds up white solid ammonium chloride $\ce{NH4Cl}$ depositing on the ...


A possible safe way to inhale helium is to mix it with 20% oxygen. Likewise, mix sulfur hexafluoride with 20% oxygen.


From the Toxic Substance Portal of ATSDR, "The [almond] odor of hydrogen cyanide is detectable at 2-10 ppm (OSHA PEL = 10 ppm), but does not provide adequate warning of hazardous concentrations. Perception of the odor is a genetic trait (20% to 40% of the general population cannot detect hydrogen cyanide)." However, from that same source, the NIOSH ...

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