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Will gamma radiation cause "thermal" decomposition of sodium bicarbonate?

I think you are looking in the wrong direction. If you subject oxoanions such as sulfate or nitrate to intense gamma ray fields then you will see decomposition of the anions to form oxygen and ...
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Electrical properties of glycol / water mixtures

Disclaimer: I am no conductivity modelling expert so take what follows with a grain of salt. Also do not hesitate to comment this answer, and I will try to improve it accordingly. Your question ...
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What is the Ksp of Al(OH)3?

I think the confusion comes from the fact $\ce{Al(OH)3}$ exists in several forms (amorphous, boehmite, bayerite, hydrargylite) each having a different solubility product! For example, my source gives ...
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Experimental determination of ring strain energy

The title of your question says "Experimental determination of ring strain energy," but I think you understand you cannot find ring strain experimentally. It is a relative term. Only you can ...
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Effect of particle size on yield of copper acetylide

The OP, Paul Kolk wants examples of synthetic procedures for both copper(i) and Copper(II) acetylides without interpreting anything. Paul Kolk also wants to draw more attention to following part when ...
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Is there a database on chemical reactions, similar to NIST, but far more complete?

I've had a great time using the SMILES Chemical Reaction Database. It contains two million entries. It is simple to use. Contains reactant product pairs as a list of SMILES strings. Can be imported to ...
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