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Slow evaporation versus vacuum evaporation

may be vulnerable to collect dust by prolonged contact to air, if not protected. It may be preferable as slow evaporation leads to big, more pure and well built crystals and vice versa. may be a good ...
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Formation of cocrystals troubleshootin

Not obtaining crystals is the typical result. Even if you have published results describing how someone else made crystals, not obtaining crystals the first time you try is the typical result. There ...
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What is the difference between alloying and doping?

From an ASM International publication Alloying - Understanding the Basics one finds Alloying may be defined as “the process of adding one or more elements or compounds to interact with a base metal ...
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Steps of crystallization

Step 2) You would filter the solution as you would have added excess copper oxide to ensure all acid has reacted. Step 1) Then you would concentrate/saturate (saturated solution is a solution ...
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