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Energy values of steam reformation, water gas shift, hydrogen and methane burning seem to not add up correctly

Let's look at the 4 main reactions that we need to consider here. The reactions are as follows: Steam reformation, Water gas-shift, Combustion of hydrogen and the combustion of methane. Similar to ...
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Why is it not possible for water to directly attach itself to the alkene to form an alcohol in oxymercuration? What is the need for mercuric acetate?

Alkene is a nucleophile, while water also is a nucleophile so they don't interact with each other directly, so we need something to alter alkene's property. Mercuric acetate forms a cyclic ...
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What is the difference between a single displacement reaction and a two competing reaction system?

Upon thinking about this most displacement reactions follow your scenario. If the two reactions are independent then A is not necessary to the production of BC and is not in the equation for its ...
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Relative reactivities of alkyl halides in an E2 reaction

In E1 and E2 both are same reactivity order of alkyl halide because both of reaction 3^• alkyl halide give easily product because after elimination reaction on 3^•alkyle halide. alkene is attached ...
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Why are reactions with higher activation energy more sensitive to temperature?

To understand this let's approach this way: Pre-requisite knowledge: At a given temperature, only a fraction of the reactant molecules possess high energies. As we try to find molecules with even ...
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Can I make Ferrofluid without evaporating Ammonium?

To answer your first question, I believe that the ammonium oleate already being a relatively soluble salt allows its deprotonation such that the resulting oleate ions are able to bond to the magnetite ...
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