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Kinetics of Sabatier reaction

So you need three things: Partial pressures of species. Amount of catalyst. Reactor volume. We will design a PBR in order to calculate the mass of catalyst $ W $ needed to achieve a certain ...
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Confusion in carbocation rearrangement

So who is right and why? The person who made the question is correct (OP said according to the test, correct answer is the product formed through inter mediate $\bf{A}$, because that major product, 1,...
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Reaction between Chlorine and Sodium Hydroxide?

Chlorine reacts at all temperature with sodium hydroxide according to the following equation :$$\ce{Cl2 + 2 NaOH -> NaCl + NaClO + H2O \tag{1}}$$ which can also be written with ions : $$\ce{Cl2 + ...
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How do tie-line slopes affect raffinate/extract envelope in ternary phase diagrams?

It has been 7 years for this question, but it may help others with the same doubt. First of all, ternary phase diagrams are not related to reactor design, they are related to the field of liquid-...
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Why does C2H3Li + HBr go to completion but C2H3Na + HBr doesn't?

The comment by @Andrew is relevant here. Organolithium compounds are much more commonly available than organosodium or organopotassium compounds. By the same token the chemistry of organolithium ...
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Hoffmann's rearrangement

You are right, the OH- ion can indeed act as a nucleoplhile attacking the unsaturated carbonyl group giving rise to a hemi acetal type of complex (with an amino group instead of an OH group). This is ...
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Does KMnO4 Oxidize Alpha-Beta Unsaturated Aldehydes?

As Waylander predicted, in aqueous solutions, the first reaction would have been the oxidation of aldehyde to corresponding carboxylic acid (in here, cinamaldehyde to cinnamic acid). When that happens,...
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Why does a molecule produce ions in a solvent?

I only know about the mechanism for polar solvents like water and ethyl alcohol. The formula for coulombic force when the charges are in air is- Force in Air = (q1×q2)/(4×π×ε0)×r² When they are in any ...
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Question about ozonolysis of alkene/alkyne

We can use reverse engineering and process of elimination to arrive at the right answer. All the options have a triple bond. So let us name the terminal alkyne carbons with number 1 and 2. With 2 ...
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What is the mechanism that dihydrolipoic acid undergoes to be oxidized by FAD?

Interesting question. Let's look at the overall reaction first: This reaction is catalysed by the dihydrolipoamide dehydrogenase in 6 steps and as you see from the schematic below (ref.1) the ...
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How does tetraethyl lead prevent knocking?

Engine combustion reactions are complex but Tetraethyl Lead (TEL) slows thermal combustion It is important to understand what causes knocking in internal combustion engines. In diesel engines the heat ...
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