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Ozone formation

The $\ce{O + O2 + M \to O3 + M }$ does appear written as such in many texts and is unusual in that other atom-diatom reactions that have been studied do not seem to need any $M$, such as $\ce{OH + Cl \...
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Inductive effect on stability of free radical

TL;DR - Free radicals, which are carbon intermediates with an extra electron, are stabilized by electron-donating groups and destabilized by electron-withdrawing groups. Explanation: Stability ...
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Any method for measuring hydroxyl and hydroperoxyl radicals in water?

There are various colorimetric methods to measure peroxide production, and since you plan to have iron in solution, "the chromogenic $\ce{Fe+++}$-xylenol orange reaction, in which a purple ...
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Ozone formation

Evaluating $\ce{2 O2 -> O3 + O}$ singlet oxygen hypothesis: The molecule $\ce{O2}$ – also called triplet oxygen – has in its standard state a double bond, but it already is a biradical CH SE: why-...
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What is the free radical mechanism of Ruff's degradation?

Oxidation to the aldonic acid with bromine and water is an ionic redox mechanism. Then due to the basic conditions from the counter anion of the iron3 salt, the carboxylic acid is deprotonated. The ...
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Free-radical addition of bromine to alkene

The addition of bromine on a double bond occurs without light. So the molecule $\ce{Br2}$ is not broken into Bromine atoms. But it reacts with the alkene $\ce{R1R2C=CR3R4}$, producing a triangular ...
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UV-Vis absorbtion spectra of a radical cation/anion. Is it different compared to its even counterpart?

I have not found a general answer to how the ground state absorption would shift. Here are two publications 1, 2 that observe shifts, but both times a redshift, be it anion or cation. So as of now I ...
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