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I think the only real option for this is a clear plastic sheet that's had a chemical resistant thin film applied to the faces. One commercially available example is Makrolon AR2, it's polycarbonate with some proprietary coating that's listed as having >24hrs resistance to acetone and a few other chemicals.


According to Palstics International's Chemical Resistance Chart, the A-rated plastics (no solvent attack) towards acetone are: ECTFE (Halar®): transparent films available Fluorosint® PTFE: white HDPE: transparent films available Nylon®, Type 6/6: white PP: clear sheets available PPS: opaque white PTFE: white Among these, polypropylene appears to be the ...


Plastics Design Library series include tabulated parameters for the variety of polymers. One of such parameters is a PDL number rating from 0 to 9: 0: solvent dissolved disintegrated 1: decomposition 2: severe distortion; oxidizer and plasticizer deteriorated … 9: highest resistance, no change In the table below I assembled data on thermoplastics ...

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