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The dipole moment is a vector property, with arrow-like direction and absolute value. On a local scale, within a chloromethyl group, there is a permanent dipole moment.* You may define a global dipole moment about the molecule, too. This then is the vector sum of all local dipole moments. However, the two chloromethyl groups are bound together via a $\ce{C-...


You could say that the bonds are non-polar and the partial charge is due to the imbalance in non-bonding electrons. However, once there is a dipole due to those, you would induce a shift in the bonding electrons as well. This view is mostly an artifact of a single electron wave function view. The reality is a bit more holistic with a wave function that ...


As we know resonance operates in Ozone molecule, so bond order between O-O bind is 1.5 As in the resonance hybrid, there is evrn distribution of electrons between O-O bonds, I think so that it is non-polar

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