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Why does band heads arise in vibrational-rotational spectra?

It's been a long time since I did this, but from my old notes... this is caused by the rotational constant $B$ being different in the two vibrational states $v = 0$ and $v = 1$. Generally we have that ...
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Understanding the molar free energy to simulate phase separations (Na2O-SiO2)

In an Ideal solution, based on how many ways one can randomly arrange the constituents, one gets: $\Delta S_{mix} = -R(X_{A} \ln{X_{A}} + X_{B} \ln{X_{B}})$ with $X_{A}+X_{B} = 1$ being the relative ...
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Cubic nature of van der Waals' gas equation

The van der Waals equation describes the isotherms of a gas with respect to pressure and volume. The first van der Waals root (the first solution of the cubic equation) will give you the dew point, ...
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Why exactly does molten NaCl explode, when it is poured into water?

I suspect rather strongly that this is a coulombic explosion. This phenomenon was only recently described to explain the violent explosion of alkali metals in water. The explosion of alkali metals in ...
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