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How to explain the acidity difference between these β-diketones?

The OP's question is: How can (1) be so acidic even though the two methyls cannot provide any significant stablization? Answer to that is simple. In Table II of Ref.1 shows in the entries 1-3 that $\...
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Why change of gibbs energy per mole is zero at equilibrium?

I have never seen, in the context of chemical reaction equilibria regarding classical thermodynamics, that the Gibbs free energy is a function of time. For a single phase, open system, the total Gibbs ...
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derivation of activity coefficient from Margules laws?

The approach is fine, but you are partially differentiating incorrectly, watch the definition for the natural logarithm of the activity coefficient \begin{align} \ln(\gamma_1) & = \bigg[\...
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How do tie-line slopes affect raffinate/extract envelope in ternary phase diagrams?

It has been 7 years for this question, but it may help others with the same doubt. First of all, ternary phase diagrams are not related to reactor design, they are related to the field of liquid-...

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