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Lifetime components in phosphorescence decay

Phosphorescence should be at a longer wavelength than any fluorescence so carefully using a filter or grating should remove any fluorescence. Also measuring at different wavelengths will change ...
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Compounds with fluorescence and/or phosphorescence, what can do both?

An excited state has initially five possible fates, (1) internal conversion to a state of the same spin, (2) intersystem crossing to a state of different spin (e.g. singlet to triplet) (3) emission to ...
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What chemical(s) in peanut butter cause it to glow under UV light?

Many natural oils from vegetable sources show intense fluorescence under UV. Olive oil glows brilliant red under UV. In the peanut butter case, my first guess was turmeric, the yellow spice, because ...
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If gaseous oxygen and dissolved oxygen (in water) have the same partial pressure, will they diffuse into solid materials at comparable rate?

If the air and water are in equilibrium, then che chemical potential of the oxygen in the air is equal to the chemical potential of the oxygen in the water. If either is placed in contact with your ...
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