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If we call the drug L, and the binding sites S, the equilibrium is the following: $$\ce{LS <=> L + S}$$ The equilibrium constant expression is: $$K_d = \frac{[\ce{L}] [\ce{S}]}{[\ce{LS}]}$$ With $[\ce{L}]_\mathrm{tot}$ as the total concentration of ligand and $[\ce{S}]_\mathrm{tot}$ the total concentration of binding sites, we can solve of $[\ce{L}]...


I would guess $Ω^m$ notation is a personal invention and I couldn't find any sources that would standardize it. The choice of these symbols for abbreviating "equilibrium" may be justified that the glyph "Libra" ♎ originates from the Greek letter Omega Ω. Further, from Merriam–Webster Online: Equilibrium contains a root from the Latin libra, meaning "...

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