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Are there LCMS compatible buffer systems available for the high pH range 12-14?

First off, as a comment implies you need the right column. Silica-based columns are not suitable for high $\pu{pH}$, even $\pu{pH }8$ can cause problems according to a now-deleted comment in the ...
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Can a multimeter be used to measure PH?

A multimeter measures resistance, i.e., the blocking of electron (or ion) flow. A pH meter measures the voltage difference between glass-encased electrodes. As you might realize, silica-based glasses ...
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dilution and pH and pOH

If you started with a $\pu{10^{−12.3} M}$ solution of some inert material, then diluting it by a factor of 10 would indeed result in a $\pu{10^{−13.3} M}$ solution. $\ce{H3O+}$ is not inert. It reacts ...
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dilution and pH and pOH

As Poutnik writes in the comments, the question does not have a single answer unless you specify the components of the solution. Given that the pH is fairly basic at pH = 12.3, you could guess or ...
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