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What is 'spray foam' or 'expanding foam'?

Single component spray foams work differently to two-component spray foams The Wikipedia article on spray foams is somewhat misleading because it mostly talks about the characteristics of industrial ...
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Minimum volume of benzene with percentage yield

If all the reactions were to give 100% yield then you would need $\pu{5,7778g}$ of benzene to get $\pu{10g}$ of N-phenylacetamide, but since only $\pu{35,2g}$ out of $\pu{100g}$ of benzene actually ...
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Why does phenol react on oxygen in the Gattermann–Koch reaction?

The inability of the Gattermann–Koch reaction to add an aldehyde group to phenols is not necessarily due to the electron density on the $\ce{O}$ atom. It rather seems to have different origins. The ...
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Aza-enolates: why no reaction at N

Generally, aza-enolates are generated by reaction of hindered primary amines with aldehydes/ketones and subsequent acid-base reaction with a strong base like LDA. The direct attack from 'N' is ...
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How does potassium hydroxide break down organic peroxides?

A paper from Western Sydney Univeristy states "Peroxide formation is accelerated by exposure to air, light, heat, moisture and contamination from metals." Potassium hydroxide, $\ce{KOH}$, ...
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In what cases can LiAlH4 reduce alkene, or alkyne?

LAH will reduce alkenes and alkynes in the presence of catalytic amounts first-row transition metal halides NiCl2, TiCl3, CoCl2 as reported by Ashby & Lin
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ease of dehydration

There are certain conditions we have to check before using the 4n rule to classify the compound as aromatic or anti-aromatic. One of the conditions required is that the electron density should ...
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Use of Equivalent in organic chemistry

This question was discussed previously here Terminology. The jargon of equivalents in organic synthesis is certainly not the best choice, because it is not related to the normality concept used in ...
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