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Atomic radius decreasing across a Periodic Table row - does the RPD of an orbital change depending of the element considered?

Yes indeed. The Radial probability density (RPD) does change with atomic number Z and is shrinked as Z increases. For a hydrogen-like atom the radial probability wave function is given as:- Where- r= ...
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Based on RPDs, how to tell which orbital ($2s$ vs $2p$ or $4s$ vs $3d$) is more stable ? How reliable is the "less shielded" argument?

Note that, since these plots are almost always referencing strictly hydrogenic orbitals, you can actually calculate and plot them yourself. Here are a variety of plots that you can peruse through that ...
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Explanation of metallic crystal structures using orbitals and electron configuration

I agree with many of the comments given, but I'd like to instead address a vaguely similar but different point that you touch on. Specifically, I'd like to focus in on the octet rule. In the ...
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Order of Shielding Effect for orbitals

the charge could be considered as symmetrically distributed over the volume and as the charge density would be low for outer orbitals they would have less shielding effect. Not only that, but also, ...
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