For centro-symmetric space groups such as this one, the origin coincides with the center of inversion. You can see this specifically for this group if you look at symmetry operation (13): $$\overline{1} \mathrm{\ at\ } 0,0,0$$ Of course, there an an infinite number of origins in an infinite lattice because of the translational symmetry. In the tables, the ...


Technically liquid, but close to the boiling point and a bit nasty to work with, is carbon disulfide. It melts at about -112°C and boils at +46°C.


According to the rules, yes, Ammonia can be drawn with three of it's atoms in one plane and the other outside the plane. Here's an example, along with a 3D projection: However, what do you comprehend from this structure? This structure does not convey the trigonal pyramidal geometry of the molecule very convincingly. It might be mistaken for trigonal ...

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