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Details of what actually happens in cold sulfuric acid between 80 and 90%; what molecular changes cause the viscosity to skyrocket?

The composition where we see this rapid rise in viscosity corresponds to one of several sulfuric acid hydrates, specifically the monohydrate formally rendered as $\ce{H2SO4•H2O}$. As shown in this ...
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What "physical method" does Feynman refer to in The Feynman Lectures on Physics (Vol 1)

In the mid-20th century, instrumental methods available to organic chemists were nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), infrared spectroscopy (IR), mass spectrometry (MS) and X-ray diffraction (...
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Why is sulfur unhybridized in dimethyl sulfide?

Here dimethyl sulpfide is the correct answer as if you will see in sulphur atom both 3s and 3p are completly filled and in order to become sp hybridised it has to excit it's electrons to the vacant d-...
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How to interpret BRICS fragments

Please see the original paper for the interpretations. Briefly, the numbers correspond to the chemical environment of the BRICS fragments. e.g. the number 16 in ...
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How does molecular structure contribute in the property of fluorescence?

The fluorescence yield is $\varphi =k_k/(k_f+k_n)$ where $k_f$ is the rate constant for fluorescence and $k_n$ that for non-radiative processes. If $k_n \gg k_f$ then the fluorescence yield dis very ...
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