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What does the colon (the pairs of dots) mean in chemical structures?

It represents a lone pair of electrons in a Lewis Structure.
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Cyclopentadiene planar

Analysis just based on ideal local geometry [OP in comments] But here won't the carbon be strained as it is sp3 and and the bond angle is too large In a regular pentagon, the angle at each corner is ...
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Cyclopentadiene planar

There are two confusions here The first source of confusion is the caused by the fact that the most common occurance of the five membered cyclopentadienyl ring isn't cyclopentadiene but the ...
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Correct structure of compound tetraiodine nonoxide

The Wikipedia structure for $\ce{I4O9}$ is plausible, but there is a twist — literally. The simpler oxide $\ce{I2O5, O2I–O–IO2}$ indicates that a bridging oxygen between two iodine atoms is indeed ...
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