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Are there tools or algorithms to detect organic molecules from 3D crystal structures?

Your question has a few parts, but multiple solutions. Let's start with "XYZ from molecular dynamics" ...
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Is LiNbO3 a perovskite or not?

LiNbO3 has quite a unique non-perovskite structure (under ambient conditions) and it's referred to as a structural type (LiNbO3-type structure) as a result (see here). This is largely due to Li+ being ...
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Is there a material that ions can pass through but water can’t?

There are so many materials that allow the passage of ions but not water. They are called ion-exchange membranes. I believe you are interested in water purification based on your previous posts. The ...
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Can uranium be used to color aluminium oxide based gemstones, and/or diamonds?

It's not quite alumina, but uranium(VI) oxide compounds have been used to color glass: Oxides and uranates of uranium(VI) have been used in the past as yellow ceramic glazes as in Fiesta and to make ...
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