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The average atomic mass is useful because its numerical value is equal to the molar mass of the element. This in turn is useful to know how much of a solid to take when you wish to react it with some known quantity of another reagent, because weighing is typically the easiest way to quantify a substance.


If you know precisely which isotope of the element you sre dealing with then go right ahead and use the molecular mass but generally we dont know which isotope is available to us and moreover there are mamy impurities a single gram might have a mixture of kany isotopes. So for reducing the error to the maximum limit possible statistically we multiply the ...


Unfortunately I did not find a high resolution spectrum of this compound, which would have quickly answered your question. Nevertheless, ionized alcohols and even more primary alcohols have a main fragmentation pathway which is the loss of water to yield an ionized alkene. In this case, the corresponding alkene would be 4-methyl-1-pentene, at m/z 84. The ...


Here is a rather simple structure explanation presented on this site. To quote, where 'pieces' refer to an organic molecular with a non-symmetric branching structure: You’ll notice something – the simpler the pieces are, the easier they are to stack together, which provides a tighter fit with fewer spaces. Here, by putting a kink in the block, we make ...


It would indeed be $\ce{C3H3^+}$ assuming predominant isotopic species. Although there can be other isomers, the cyclic isomer, the cyclopropenyl cation is strongly stabilized by aromaticity. As PLD comments, there are really only two steps, not three, to forming this cation. The allyl cation ($\ce{C3H5^+},m/z=41)$ is first obtained by loss of the ...


I realised that for an $\ce{m/z = 92}$ you would need a $\ce{C6H4}$ ring with only an oxygen group attached. If a positive charge is present, this implies that there is a radical at position 2 ortho to the $\ce{C=O}$. I revised my own mechanism below to suggest one possible route:

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