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Displacement reaction of copper by sodium will work well if ethanol is used to precipitate the sodium sulfate. Copper chloride is soluble in ethanol (>50 g/100 mL) while sodium sulfate is not. A mixture of concentrated salts in water, followed by dilution with fair amounts of ethanol will allow recovery of high-purity copper chloride dihydrate after proper ...


It is true that bismuth burns with a bluish flame in the presence of air to form bismuth trioxide($\ce{Bi2O3}$) as @M.Farooq mentioned. Bismuth pentoxide is not a pure compound but a mixture of various compounds like water, bismuth trioxide and bismuth tetroxide. It is also not stable at strong heat, decomposing at 393 K. Also, there is no direct preparation ...


Many elements have multiple valencies. The most common oxidation state of Bi is +3. Bismuth (V) is also possible. Read more here on Bismuth oxides.

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