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You are missing an important point. Conductometric titration is not just plotting the conductance after adding the titrant. One cannot plot conductance as it is, because you are significantly diluting the solution. You have to apply a correction to take dilution into account. Once you apply a correction, the curve will remain flat because further addition ...


After equivalence point you add more and more NH3 solution (remember NH4OH does not exist). So you add a negligible amount of ions. As a consequence, the conductance does not change significantly. This is what your diagram shows.


A complex of lithium ion with lithium hudroxide is known as the salt $\ce{[Li2OH]^+[ClO4]^-}$ [1]. As with the hydronium salt, this requires an essentially nonbasic cation; with a chloride counterion a double salt is obtained with no evidence of a complex cation. From the abstract (some evident faults in translation from Russian jave been corrected): An ...

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