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Let me bring clarity to the matter. All hydrocarbons are divided into saturated and unsaturated. In turn, each of them is divided into aliphatic and cyclic hydrocarbons. So, alkanes and cycloalkanes refer to saturated hydrocarbons, BUT: alkanes are aliphatic and cycloalkanes are cyclic. Alkenes refer to unsaturated aliphatic hydrocarbons. They are ...


What is wrong with the "definitions" that I have? Yes, you are right. Employing common sense, All alkenes are unsaturated hydrocarbons the general formula, $\ce{C_nH_{2n}}$ Cycloalkane is a hydrocarbon is saturated has the general formula, $\ce{C_{n}H_{2n}}$ All alkanes are saturated hydrocarbons general formula, $\ce{C_nH_{2n+2}}$ There are ...


The formula $\ce{C_{n}H_{2n+2}}$ is useful only for saturated, aliphatic alkanes. Not for cycloalkanes. Cycloalkanes belong to the homologous series with general formula $\ce{C_{n}H_{2n}}$. For example, the following is a straight chain alkane: Here, the two terminal alkanes have 3 bonded hydrogens and 1 bond with carbon, while the other intermediary ...


ALL motor oil gets THINNER the hotter it gets period. Multi viscosity oils are a compromise between straight weight oils that provide the best protection and a oil that can be left in year round because of laziness of todays drivers


Taken from the answer to In Parent chain choosing should one consider longest chain or chain with more substituents? by Loong. From the Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry – IUPAC Recommendations and Preferred Names 2013 (Blue Book) P-45.2.1 The preferred IUPAC name is based on the senior parent structure that has the maximum number of substituents cited as ...


Cyclopropyl ring has greater electronegativity than a normal alkyl chain carbanion. Because of this, the negative charge gets pulled, hence resulting in stability.


According to Makromol. Chem., Rapid Commun. 1985, 6 (3), 203–208[1], Kwang Sup Lee and Gerhard Wegner, attempting the synthesis and study of $n>100$, $\ce{C_nH_{2n}}$ cyclo-alkanes and linear alkanes, were successfully able to synthesize a linear alkane of $\ce{C384H770}$ and cycloalkanes with 288 carbons ($\ce{C288H576}$) Linear alkanes up to $\ce{...


I count the number of sigma bonds and the number of lone pairs, then add them, in this case we get only two sigma bonds and no lone pairs. Now consider this as a reference table: 2=sp 3=sp2 4=sp3 So in this case it's sp.


The rules in determining the aromaticity of a compound are as follows: The system must have 4n+2 π electrons The system must be planar The system must be completely conjugated The molecule must be cyclic. The cycloheptatriene anion does not follow two out of these four rules. Namely, The anion system has 4n electrons (whereas it should have had 4n+2 ...

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