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What you are measuring is not the potential $Fe^{2+}/Fe^{3+}$. It is the potentiel of the couple $[Fe(CN)_6]^{4-}/[Fe(CN)_6]^{3-}$ which is equal to +0.36 V in the table.


Reynolds Kitchens says Relnolds Wrap® is $98.5\%$ $\ce{Al}$ with the rest mostly $\ce{Fe}$ and $\ce{Si}$ to improve strength. You know this because when you dissolve it in $\ce{NaOH}$ solution to produce $\ce{H_2}$ a black residue remains undissolved; pure $\ce{Al}$ metal would leave no residue. Perhaps $\ce{Al}$ wiring would be more nearly pure because ...


From the Institute of Minerals, Materials and Mining, Most aluminium foil is made from pure aluminium, but increasingly alloys are used to improve properties and reduce the thickness required. If you want to make sure that the Aluminium foil you're using is pure, the only way would probably to ask the manufacturer. Other than that, it could be the case ...

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