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What is meant by 'as Cl2'

Let imagine there are 3 bank accounts, one with 10000 Euros, one with 10000 US dollars, one with 10000 UK pounds. Let assume - just illustratively - there is exchange ratio 5 dollars per 4 Euros and ...
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What is meant by 'as Cl2'

In general, sentences like "The concentration of X as Y is z mg/L" should be interpreted to mean "If you extract all the X from 1 L of solution, then convert the X completely to Y (...
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Constituents of LaI2

As indicated by Nilay, the electrical conductivity does not come from atomic ions but from electrons that are transfered from lanthnum into a delocalized conduction band rather than to the iodine. ...
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Why does chloromethane have a larger dipole moment than chloroform?

Citing from another answer: [Jan] Your conclusion is built on the assumption that the bond lengths will be constant. There is another factor: the magnitude of the partial charges. Your conclusion is ...
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