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It isn't unstable at all. 1,2-diiodoethane is characterized with a melting point of 80–82 °C, and a mass spectrum with five major peaks. It even serves as the iodine source in some rare earth iodide syntheses. Read about it on Wikipedia.


See, we know that nucleophiles which are in polar protic solvents are solvated and therefore nucleophilicity is directly proportional to the size of nucleophile 'cause they will be less solvated. And in polar aprotic solvent the anions are not solvated so they will show their usual nucleophilicity behaviour and is inversely proportional to the stability of ...


In general, you can expect an epichlorohydrin to be attacked nucleophilically only on the outer epoxide carbon. First, let me present the synthetic argument: In their total synthesis of RK-397, Burova and McDonald used epichlorohydrin as the starting point for the synthesis of their C10–C16 fragment. The fragment synthesis is shown in the scheme below which ...

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