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No, you cannot determine precisely with the data you collected (for example, a pH value 'around 14'). Some of the generated carbon dioxide gas also may have escaped or not reacted with the high pH solution. Remember, pH is a log scale and lose of precision can be significant. However, you may argue, within the measurement error of the pH scale, you are ...


common convention is to report the uncertainty of an analogue instrument as plus or minus half of the smallest scale division Yes, this is merely a poor convention propagated by general chemistry texts. Actually, this does not reflect analytical measurement standard deviation, and this is not the way volume uncertainty should be expressed. The correct ...


It is the inside of a centrifuge where the rotor gets attached (the top spins, and the two pins ensure proper seat of the rotor on the conical piece). Here is a better picture of the inside of a Sorvall RC-5C Plus Floor Centrifuge, with the hands serving as scale bar. This is partially disassembled to show how one would change the motor brushing. Screenshot ...


Chloroform is used as an emulsion stabilizer. The calico strainer is used as it is less prone to clogging than a buchner funnel. The mix will clog frits and normal filter paper.

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