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In JJ thomson's cathode ray experiment why is the effect of gravity on the electron not considered?

Various versions of Thomson's original article (Philosophical Magazine, 44, 293-316 (1897)) can be accessed freely online, for instance at Google books, or here (link liable to rot). But you can work ...
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Tollen's Test - Clean Up

This mixture, often called "chromic acid," is a common way to clean glassware. It is a strongly oxidizing acid which reacts with most organic material, so it is able to remove most types of ...
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Storage of air and temperature sensitive reagents

Three thoughts: As soon as you pierce the septum, it is perforated. Depending on what you aim to store in the bottle, the material of the septum and its age (not age, but what happened to the septum [...
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Soil chemical Anaylsis/CAL-P

The first sample of soil has $6.57$mg $\ce{P2O5}$ in $100$ mg soil, or $65.7$ mg $\ce{P2O5}$ in $1$ kg soil. As $\ce{P2O5}$ contains $43.6$ % P, the soil contains $0.436 · 65.7$ mg P = $28.5$ mg P in $...
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What does it mean if a calibration curve regression doesn't cross (0,0)

I saw a couple of reports about how forcing it was bad but I was just wondering if there was any other explanation for why my absorbance might be so high. You are doing emission spectroscopy (AES= ...
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What's the practical use-cases of Raoult's Law?

I can think of one right away, that is estimating molecular masses of solutes. Further, making fractional distillation requires mole fractions in the gas phase to be different those in the solution ...
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why are there no pictures or experiments on solid ozone?

The color of liquid ozone is documented in sciencemadness.org: Liquid diatomic oxygen, for comparison: The color difference is similar to what we see between aquo and ammine complexes of copper, and ...
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Understanding Rossini and Frandsen experiment for measuring $(\partial u/\partial P)_T$?

One form of the general virial equation of state for a real gas is $$\frac{Pv}{RT}=1+B^*(T)P+C^*(T)P^2+...$$where v is the molar volume. At low pressures, this approaches $$\frac{Pv}{RT}=1+B^*(T)P$$ ...
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using either 2-propanol or isopropyl alcohol for writing a report

Many compounds can have more than one systematic IUPAC name. A compound may be named correctly in two or more ways in accordance with the several methods recommended by IUPAC. However, “isopropanol” ...
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Storage of air and temperature sensitive reagents

Your question can not be easily answered. The only valid reply must be: It really depends on the individual case and the reactivity as well as physical properties. Is your compound easy to evaporate? ...
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