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Is there a material that ions can pass through but water can’t?

There are so many materials that allow the passage of ions but not water. They are called ion-exchange membranes. I believe you are interested in water purification based on your previous posts. The ...
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Why is desalination waste usually disposed back into the sea instead of converting it into chemical products?

There is no dissolving them again. Ions remain dissolved all the time. It is like taking $\pu{11 m3}$ of sea water with salinity e.g. $\ce{30 g/L}$, producing $\pu{1 m3}$ of (about) pure water (...
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How to achieve desired response of a non Newtonian fluid prepared from silica nanoparticles and polyethylene glycol (PEG 400)?

Silica particles do show non-Newtonian fluid behavior but you need a much more concentrated suspension than simple cornstarch. Secondly, the solvent must wet the particles. The trick is to use a very ...
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How do I filter a solution of very fine manganese dioxide?

Pulkit Sharma: Per your request. One solution for filtering $\ce{MnO2}$ is to use a sintered glass funnel under vacuum. Fill the funnel ~halfway with a slurry (water or organic solvent) of Celite, ...
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